Never thought that I’d manage to obtain such top quality products on this platform until traphound provided an outstanding customer service , it was the most satisfactory experience and support.


3 orders in now with zero problems whatever problems these guys may have had in the past seem to be fully resolved now


I have been ordering ammo from Top Hunters Home for years . Always receive what I order within 3 days. Never had a problem. Thanks !


They stayed late to hand load ammunition when I ran out just before I left for my trip!
What a great company with great customer service! I would recommend there ammo to anyone! I’ve shot many different brands of ammunition out of my Weather by .300 and Choice ammunition shoots the best.


Thanks for the timely delivery of my ammo! Considering your production schedule, orders, and constraints. Again Many Thanks to you and your employees! Soo many good experiences from this, THANKS!


Excellent work. Great place would highly recommend. Needed some 45 colt ammo for my new gun and no one in town had any. so I ordered from them. For the first time but it was on back order, and they had it to my door in 3 days and great price!